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Project Description
Web applications created by ASP.NET MVC Preview 3.

I'll drop some applications like blog, CMS, and others here.

RECENTLY all the codes and binaries are targeted at the ASP.NET MVC Preview 3.

What is AllWebIdea.Mvc?
The AllWebIdea.Mvc soure and binary are released just now.
In the AllWebIdea.Mvc there are two features: Mvc Calendar and LowercaseRoute.

What's Mvc Calendar?

As we know, you can NOT use <asp:Calendar ...> on your MVC Projects.
but by Mvc Calendar you can embed a well-formed XHTML calendar in your View just use the code:
<%= Html.Calendar() %>
And you'll get a standard calendar shows the current month.
Please get more detail on codeproject:

What's LowercaseRoute?
I got it from Nick Berardi's blog:, Great Thanks to him!
And you can use it to make your request uri much more beautiful!

LIVE: Blog System
A sample blog system is online at and. My blog is down and will down for a long time for some reasons
I'll drop the source of this blog named ShineBox here later.

LIVE: Travel Portal
A Chinese travel site is located at

LIVE: Hotel Reservation Services
A Chinese hotel reservation services site:

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